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New Beauty TestTube Subscription

New Beauty TestTube Subscription

It’s hard to compete with an original, and while I can’t confirm it I’m pretty sure the New Beauty TestTube Beauty Subscription is one of the pioneers of the now trending beauty subscription service. Let’s start at the beginning by saying that New Beauty Magazine is one of the BEST and most underrated beauty magazines in the industry. It’s an easy read, tailored towards cutting edge cosmetic breakthroughs, plastic surgery innovations and medical grade skincare. 

While you won’t find moving pieces and self-help topics you will find the latest and greatest cosmetic procedures fully described in easy to understand text. This is for the major players; those who are serious about invasive procedures with guaranteed results. This publication developed a TestTube years ago; literally a plastic tube filled to the brim with full sized and deluxe sized samples hand selected as the forerunners of the beauty industry.

Along with every tube comes the newest New Beauty magazine which is jam packed with everything you need to know if you are even considering medical grade cosmetic anything. We’re talking top shelf skincare and ultra-luxe makeup selections for $29.95; six times a year. Worth it? Yes! In so many ways. From a cost perspective the products plus magazine are easily worth the ballpark of $150-$175 but the access to select information about the newest treatments before they start trending is the real value. If you are serious beauty junkie and passionate about the hottest beauty breakthroughs you will not be disappointed! More info by clicking on the link below.

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Opal is a small business owner with a background in Psychology, Clinical Sexuality, Holistic Health Sciences and is a Certified Reiki Practitioner. She is a Mom of four young children including a set of twins and is a self-proclaimed foodie, health-spa enthusiast and beauty junkie.