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Is it Ugg Season Yet?

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Is it Ugg Season Yet?


I have seen Ugg brand boots featured in “what not to wear” sections more than sequins and ascots. Yet, why does nearly every woman on this planet own a pair? Young or old their simple, broad design and cushiony lining is part of THE official uniform of fall. So why then all the hate? I don’t know of any shoe brand and style that transcends generations quite like Uggs. I remember my first pair…expensive by my modest upbringing standards; the iconic “classic” boot took my Jr. High fashion game by storm.

It was my xmas gift, a classic brown that went with everything I owned; jeans, leggings, dresses, minis even my cheer uniform-they all got the Ugg treatment. As time went on and those boots made it through rain, snow, heat, running, walking, practically everything; perfectly unscathed a tradition began in my house. Every Christmas I’d get a new pair of Uggs, sometimes they were chocolate brown, other times tan, one year they were short, then tall as the trend evolved I got bows, rhinestones, fringe, rivets etc. It was like the Hallmark ornaments that you collect every year only I amassed a fine collection of boots over time.

The interesting thing is that it’s hard to tell which one was my first pair because Uggs really do withstand the test of time. If cared for properly they last a long time and gain a little more character every season through its wear. Creativity was never my parent’s forte; they do however carry PhD’s in dependability and predictability so I know what I’m getting this year for Christmas. I probably don’t need any more Uggs as I could now open a small store in Australia, but traditions carry a lot of weight; so I expect nothing less than a bulky box of sheepskin fleece lined footwear this December.

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