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Kombucha for Better Health

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Kombucha for Better Health


Kombucha must have a seriously great PR and marketing team because what was once the weird beverage of hippies and crunchy mamas is now a super trendy, easy-to-find, great tasting health drink that appeals to many. So, what is Kombucha? It is a centuries old fermented health drink with a natural sour tang and fizziness that has a mile-long list of benefits. Some of these benefits include: gut health (were talking millions of gut-friendly bacteria inside every bottle), liver detoxification, increased energy, improved digestion, reduction of Candida (yeast), helps with nutrient absorption and more.

Since Kombucha is traditionally made using Black Tea and sugar, it serves as a natural pick me up and oftentimes hardcore devotees have replaced their morning coffee with Kombucha. I’ll admit it takes some time to get used to as the natural sourness of the fermentation tastes spoiled; because essentially that’s what it is. While the home brewing trend is going strong I prefer mine bottled since my laughable preservation and jarring skills would definitely create a knarly case of botulism. Instead, I opt for my favorites like the one featured here.

This Kombucha, from Better Booch is simply wonderful tasting with all the benefits you’d expect. The flavors are well thought out to enhance and not mask the unique taste of the Kombucha. My favorite- made from Earl Grey Tea has the natural flavors of Cherry and Vanilla brewed in conjunction to create a smooth, delicious flavor profile. Created in small batches, this company has perfected the art pf Kombucha; turning even reluctant booch drinkers into devotees. They have other great flavors to choose from and any health food store will have an even greater selection of fantastic brands to choose from. I’d be hard pressed to find someone who couldn’t benefit from some natural digestion support, so if you’re on the fence, now’s the time.


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