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Energybits…algae reinvented

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Energybits…algae reinvented


Anybody remotely interested in overall health and wellness has probably tried algae; yes, I’m talking the uber-green spirulina and chlorella that touts major health benefits at an…. acquired taste. I’ve previously had a love/hate relationship with the green/blue stuff; never doubting its amazing detox ability while summoning up the courage to scoop in tons of powder into my morning smoothie. However, I recently found a new product that is a game-changer for those who are easing into the green-algae arena but have been hesitant to try it. This female founded company, named Energybits has completely re-invented what you thought you knew about algae by creating tiny, chewable, “bits” that are easily taken whenever needed for sustained energy, a boost of vitality and to get you through everyday energy slumps in a much better-for-you way.

            There are currently four varieties of bits to choose from: recovery bits for wellness and detox, energybits for energy and focus, skinnybits for beauty and selfcare and finally vitalitybits featuring a complete 50/50 spirulina/chlorella formulation. Why take algae? The benefits are endless but to mention just some of its incredible benefits algae promotes:

  • Natural detox for improved immune function.
  • Over forty hard-to-get nutrients oftentimes lacking in our convenience food world.
  • Alkaline for balanced pH and homeostasis.
  • Zero sugar or other additives that leave you with an energy crash.
  • High protein (yes, really) making this a great vegan choice.
  • Antioxidants galore which reduce free radicals and help with anti-aging.
  • Super dense nutrition that’s ready to go when you need them.

The list of reasons why you should try algae is a mile long, its seriously nourishing food that supports our bodies natural ability to perform at its best. These non-chalky bits are easily swallowed leaving no excuse to avoid them because of their unique taste. You can throw them in a blender with other fruit and veggies for a fresh new take on a green smoothie that is nothing like what I previously forced myself to drink- it’s a clean, fresh taste and I experience no nausea which a common complaint is when taking greens. You can chew them, a handful at a time or one by one. At first, I was hesitant but by the second try I realized the taste is not offensive, more reminiscent of nori with a umami finish. A favorite way to eat these bits is with macadamia nuts- strange combo you say? Don’t knock it till you try it, the salty, savory combo is strangely addicting and a powerhouse hunger crusher.

      I rarely publish my product reviews with details about the company founder, I prefer to let the product speak for itself. In this case I will make an exception as having briefly met the company founder, Catharine at the Bloom Summit in Beverly Hills, I was struck by her positive energy and passion to provide the best nutrition for a better life. Catharine told me the story of this product’s origins- how out of love for her sister (which I can totally relate to) she was on a mission to develop something that combined with an alkaline, whole foods diet would help heal and nourish. It a simple concept, create something out of love and good vibes follow.

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