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Nenergy Boost: IV Therapy and Vitamin Treatment

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Nenergy Boost: IV Therapy and Vitamin Treatment

            The chaos of “back to school” and the end of summer had been leaving Corinne and I sleep deprived, over stressed and in desperate need of a second wind. Having previously professed my love of IV drips and their miraculous way of making you feel revitalized I finally convinced Corinne to try an IV drip at Nenergy Boost in Brentwood…the results? Let’s just say she’s now attuned to the many benefits that an IV treatment can offer. I can now officially say that I’ve found “my place” for IV’s and boosts in Los Angeles, with a welcoming staff and beautiful facility, Nenergy Boost in Brentwood is hands down a great option if you are looking for IV therapy and customized boosts.

            If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of IV’s here’s what you need to know: IV’s are more than just basic vitamins, they are carefully administered intravenously to allow for maximum absorption. These treatments developed at Nenergy Boost are customized and prepared on site- a major plus considering other pre-mixed IV solutions degrade over time. They offer the widest selection of infusion combinations I’ve ever encountered; each carefully thought out. Treatments such as: “Running on Empty” loaded with energy boosting B-Complex or the “Sunny LA” …an antioxidant powerhouse that helps create that golden glow from within. My favorite? “The Detox” featuring much needed Magnesium for a calming effect that seriously soothes the soul.

            While all IV’s and injected boosts are administered under the trained supervision of a nurse, Corinne and I had the added opportunity of sitting down with the owner and founder; Dr. Ghozland; a charismatic and thoroughly engaging gentleman whose insights into total body wellness and anti-aging left no question unanswered. Dr. Ghozland, a world-renowned, board certified OB/GYN understands women and was particularly insightful when formulating and recommending our individual IV treatments. Not just your average physician, Dr. Ghozland is a true anti-aging specialist focused on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and other sought-after treatments to help us live our best lives.

            Our treatments were quick and painless (yes, really) lasting just under 45 minutes which literally flew by as we reclined in our cozy seats and sipped on their exclusive Nenergy Energy Drink; a berry flavored dietary supplement that left us with a cleaner focus than caffeinated drinks. Even before our therapies were finished, Corinne and I felt instantly revitalized, like we just woke up from a power nap. After we left, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon feeling unbelievably refreshed; it’s difficult to describe the feeling other than it felt like our bodies were suddenly given the nutrients they needed and were now performing better than before. Whether you are fighting a chronic illness, making over your whole-body health or simply want to maintain equilibrium; IV treatments and boosts have place in almost everyone’s wellness arsenal. Not in the Brentwood area? Nenergy is opening more facilities throughout SoCal but what’s even more awesome is their mobile service- bringing the benefits of IV drip to your home, office, hotel or venue. I can’t think of a better pick-me-up for the entire wedding party before the big day or as a way to recover from jet lag.

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