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Four Hand Massage? Yes, please.

Four Hand Massage? Yes, please.

            Is too much of a good thing too much? In the case of massage…I’d say, no way! If you love a great massage and feel comfortable with the relaxing feeling of two hands stroking your body than wait until you feel what four hands feel like. This is hard to find in the spa world, a kind of novelty if you will, but if you ever get the opportunity to indulge; do so, immediately. My concerns over the service were mainly that it would create a sort of sensation overload, with too much happening at once to really enjoy the massage. I quickly realized that is not the case; and would have offered any nearby willing hands good financial incentive to join in if they were so inclined.

            You see, the massage therapists don’t just stick another pair of hands in there for the fun of it; there’s a very real, choreographed dance between the two where the rhythmic strokes are mirrored and/or mimicked below to create the sensation of one, long continuous stroke that feels absolutely divine. You body feels enveloped in this cocoon of relaxation, a whole-body experience that elevates the traditional massage experience to something much more special. The highlight… that only once did the pair break their cohesive stride to provide me with the most uuuuuuhhhhhhhmazing scalp massage in tandem with a foot massage that I considered never getting off the table and simply moving in and picking out fine china with them.

            Moral of the spa story, as with everything else it oftentimes pays to get out of your comfort zone. Save the careful consideration for other matters like home refinancing and if you come across something that sounds too good to be true; jump on it. You may have to do a little digging or might have to speak to your spa directly to make arrangements but it’s so worth it. I’d love to hear your experiences with four-hand massage and I’ve you’ve ever upped the ante with more than four hands; you’re my hero and I need to connect with you immediately. Comment belowJ

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