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Vampire Facial

Vampire Facial


I recently had a Vampire Facial AKA Platelet Rich Plasma Facial AKA PRP Facial (damn, anymore street names it could join a gang.) I had heard about it but I did not fully understand how it worked or why it was beneficial. I got up close and personal with this treatment because trust me- when you’re spending a considerable amount of money (several hundred) and it involves pain, blood and recovery time – you ask questions. This treatment is considered invasive, so unlike any run-of-the mill facial it requires a consult with a medical professional. After clearance you set up your appointment and arrive fresh faced with no social plans for the rest of the week. (Or you’ll be sorry) Full disclosure, I have pretty good skin; little to no fine lines, only mild sun damage and overall firmness.

My main concerns were large pore size, unevenness and texture issues. I was told that this procedure while not suitable for everyone could be utilized by most as both a preventative measure and to address current problems (although in the latter case more treatments may be needed.) My philosophy has always been that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. My expectations were realistic in that I probably wouldn’t see a major overhaul, just subtle improvement. Now that my self-assessed psych eval. was complete I started by getting my blood drawn and had a thick layer of numbing cream applied to my face. While waiting for the topical cream to do its thing my vial was taken to another room where a centrifuge separated the blood cells from the plasma. My vial was brought to me with a visible layer of plasma sitting on the top. I was told to relax while she explained the procedure as follows: a specially designed tool punctures the skin multiple times in each area. (Cheeks, chin, nose, forehead) The tool uses even pressure to ensure all of the area has localized/controlled damage.

In other words they stick a needle machine into your face until your skin is open and bleeding. Don’t worry, there is a tremendous amount of care and warning before each area is treated. Oddly enough it looked far worse than it felt. By no means was it relaxing, but it wasn’t unbearable either. It literally felt like an overzealous micro-dermabrasion that went just past the point of comfort. As each area became exposed my plasma was then injected back into my skin and massaged throughout the area. The plasma felt extremely strange; the oddest sensation and texture imaginable. It felt like the most slippery silicone, crossed with silk, crossed with egg whites. Almost immediately it was absorbed completely into my skin. The immediate result was raw, redness that looked like bad sunburn.

I was received by aghast looks about how incredibly painful it must have been because my face looked too painful to touch. Actually, it didn’t bother me much at all, aside from some annoying dryness and flakiness I felt totally fine. Once the swelling subsided I accessed my results…my skin was brighter, clearer, more radiant. Impressive but nothing a good facial can’t do. However, there was one benefit that was in a league of its own…pore size. While there are tips and tricks all over the place to mask large pores the general consensus is that once stretched it cannot be undone. In my case, my pores became considerably smaller. I was very surprised that it actually defied the laws of physics and well-known beauty doctrine (at least in my mind.) It was worth it to me as any improvement in pore size is remarkable. Check out the pictures below:

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Skin Analysis by Vista. Prepared during consultation

Preparation Phase. Topical numbing cream applied


Blood Plasma (on top) separated from blood cells (bottom)

Immediately after treatment

My skin three days later

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