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Bare Minerals…the Trailblazer

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Bare Minerals…the Trailblazer

How do you feel about infomercial products? For me, the use of the word infomercially (my totally made up word) is synonymous with gimmicky, rip-off and poor quality. Yet, I can’t help but actually watch and sometimes even buy the products they are peddling off as “amazing, one-of-a-kind and must have.” While getting ready for work you can often hear QVC or HSN in the background and I admire the way they manage to make me WANT to fork over $64 for a yellow cotton sweater with dancing kittens on the front.

There’s always exceptions to the rule, while some pseudo-celebrities end up peddling off housewares at the end of their careers others- namely, Kris Jenner and her 90’s candles, Rodan and Fields with their Proactiv fame and Leslie Blodgett with her Bare Escentutals- actually end up launching themselves into legit fortunes on the backs of their 1-800 escapades. Have you ever stepped inside a Bare Escentutals Boutique? It’s quite chic, reminiscent of a modern boudoir complete with luxurious packaging and expertly tailored collections building on their namesake; Bare Minerals brand.

This is one success story I have a personal connection to- having exclusively donned Bare Minerals makeup from 2002-2005; I can attest to its astonishing formulation at the heart of my High School experience.  The concept, or ritual as it became, consisted of a multi-step process of opening small jars, sprinkling the right amount of powder, sometimes two different shades into the lid, swirling with the buki brush, applying/buffing in a circular motion, and finishing with the mineral veil. At a time when oil slicked skin and acne ran rampant, our mothers in desperation would buy loads of Bare Minerals and auto ship those suckers since…”it was so healthy for your skin you could sleep with it.”

I have to say that looking back into trends of my youth almost all are regrettable, Bare Minerals being the outlier of the curve as something that was actually a great idea then and still a good idea now. The Bare Escentutals brand deserves their place in the beauty hall of fame- innovative, well-thought out, and smartly formulated. There’s a reason why it has withstood the test of time in an industry that’s less than forgiving. Bravo Bare Minerals, you have my respect.

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