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Deep Conditioning Treatment: At Home or In Salon?

Deep Conditioning Treatment: At Home or In Salon?

Whether your blonde, brunette, red head or pastel; keeping your locks strong and healthy is something most people can agree on. The market is flooded with at- home deep conditioning products ranging from oil based scalp treatments to creamy masques to leave-in mists rich in keratin and other proteins. There are also other options…ones that in my opinion are underutilized and underappreciated; that is in-salon treatments professionally applied using salon-grade products.  Oftentimes touted as unnecessary or overpriced it is a misconception that you can get the exact results at home. Mind you, there are some fantastic, high-quality products that I use in between treatments that I know contribute to my hair health. However, these products cannot replace what the salon treatments offer: here’s why:

  • Despite the blatant use of your best friend’s cousin’s Cosmoprof card which allows anyone and their Mama access to professional only products and pricing; knowing the proper way to actually use these products does not come standard. I am NOT a salon professional, however a brief three week stint at the Academy for Salon Professionals in my early 20’s left me with the knowledge that cosmetologists work very hard for their credentials. Over the counter beauty products, experiment away…professional only products…I prefer to err on the side of caution.


  • The treatment itself is an enjoyable, oftentimes relaxing service that you should take into consideration. The price includes not only the product but the application, processing time, control of heat and/or penetration of product, evenness of application, care instructions and recommended maintenance.


  • Peace of mind included- everyone is different, texture, color, processed or virgin, grade of damage, type of damage, age-related hair issues etc. With a good stylist, you can share your concerns and overall hair goals where they can then make recommendations accordingly. If you don’t have this confidence in your stylist then you need to get a new stylist ASAP; a great stylist will put the integrity of your hair first while keeping your ultimate hair goals in mind.


Ask most hair stylists and they will likely tell you that treatments are not very popular. As a result, I’ve noticed a decline in deep conditioning options as well lack of variety at most salons. I consider deep conditioning treatments the massages of the hair world, no one can tell you’ve had it done except you, yet the benefits are endless. These type of treatments are foundational and   essential, after all my hair gets bleached, weaved, dyed, razor cut, blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled, toned, frequent dips in chlorinated water, lots of UV abuse and to add insult to injury- slapped with 23 inch extensions on the regular. Yet, as most professionals will agree my hair is thick, grows like a weed, rarely breaks and shines with the best of them. Coincidence? Good genes? Biotin? Or maybe something else?

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